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2018, July 7th


I) Peripheral autonomic neuropathies

  • Diabetic autonomic neuropathy – R. Freeman (USA)
  • Hereditary autonomic neuropathies – M. Hilz (Germany)
  • Autonomic autoantibodies: What are they doing, which need to be assessed, how do we treat – TBD
  • ANS and Amyloid – I. Rocha (Portugal)

II) Neurodegeneration & ANS

  • PAF-MSA-Parkinson how to differentiate, how to confuse, similarities and specifics – G. Wenning (Austria)
  • Links from periphery to the brain – A. Fanciulli (Austria)
  • Sleep disorders & ANS – P. Cortelli (Italy)
  • Autonomic Dysfunction in Dementia – W. Struhal (Austria)

III) TLOC, Brain injury and ANS sequelae

  • Differential diagnosis – J.G. van Dijk (Netherlands)
  • Autonomic Dysfunction in epilepsy – R. Thijs (Netherlands)
  • Stroke and ANS – M. Hilz (Germany)
  • Syncopedia training a new generation of syncope specialist – J de Jong (Netherlands)

IV) Autonomic Nervous system and Fatigue Background and Management

  • Autonomic nervous system in simulated and real weightlessness – A. Pavy-Le Traon (France)
  • Prognostic autonomic biomarkers – J.M. Senard (France)
  • Fatigue in POTS patients suffering MS – M. Habek (Croatia)
  • Gastric dysfunction – H. Zoller (Austria)



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Congress president

Walter Struhal, MD Tulln

Scientific committee

P. Cortelli, MD Bologna

A. Fanciulli, MD, PhD Innsbruck

M. Hilz, MD Erlangen

A. Pavy Le Traon, MD Toulouse

I. Rocha, MD Lisbon

J.M. Senard, MD Toulouse

W. Struhal, MD Tulln
R. Thijs, MD

G. Van Dijk, MD Leiden

G.K. Wenning, MD PhD MSc Innsbruck

Congress secretary

B. Riemer MD

Congress Organizer